I've recently moved back to Copenhagen after more than seven years in Melbourne. I was lucky enough to teach at some of the best studios in Melbourne. Now I look forward to sharing yoga with the Copenhagen yoga scene, and I am so excited to be joining the visionary and inspiring team at Mind and Body Lab. Besides teaching yoga classes, I run workshops combining yoga with essential oils, and I'm available for private sessions or corporate classes. 

I look forward to having you join me on the mat! In the meantime, you can yoga with me in the comfort of your home home with my free yoga videos on YouTube

Classes in Copenhagen

Stress Relief Yoga with essential oils
Thursday, March 21
Thursday, April 18
Thursday, May 30
Mind and Body Lab
Nygaardsvej 27 B
2100 Copenhagen Ø

My Workshops

If you would like me to come to your studio for a workshop, please get in touch

Sensing Within - yoga with essential oils

3 hour yoga and meditation experience enhanced by the benefits of pure and powerful Young Living essential oils. 
Balance body, mind and spirit with the natural, harmonising earth element of plants.
A delicious sensory journey to reconnect, release and relax. Read more about it here.

Upcoming workshop
Saturday, April 27
Mind and Body Lab
Nygaardsvej 27 B
2100 Copenhagen Ø
Book here

What a beautiful experience. A calm, connected space to really tune in to the power of each oil, frequency and how they made me feel, the responses I got for each experience - coupled with a gorgeous, creative, calm yoga experience. Couldn’t recommend it more.
— A. Summers, Craft Coaching and Development

Essential Living - discover Young Living essential oils

A free class to experience genuine and authentic essential oils from Young Living, learn about their many benefits for body, mind, health and home. Includes a guided meditation, essential oil infused treats and, always, fierce lovely company. 

Things we embody in our Yoga practice, we can help to shift on a cellular level using essential oils. Just as Yoga is said to keep the body and mind young, Young Living essential oils support a deeper sense of spiritual connection, are calming to the mind, incredibly high in antioxidants, and supportive for optimal physical health. 

Want me to come to you, or your studio, and share about Young Living essential oils, why I call them Yoga in a Bottle and how you can incorporate them into your yoga? Get in touch and let's make a date.

Everyone needs oils! I am so surprised how effective using oils has been for me, and the two other people I have shared them with. Truely amazing I wish i had of tried oils earlier.
— C. Hamilton, yogini and yoga teacher

Private Sessions

Get in touch with me if you'd like regular private yoga sessions whether it's to improve your practice, build up strength, lose weight or recover from injury. I can come to your home or organise a space.

Corporate Yoga

Do you and your colleagues sit at desks all day worrying about deadlines? Maybe you need a weekly hour of stress relief whether that's before work, after or during lunch-time. Get in touch with me to organise a suitable time and watch your team's motivation and productivity sky-rocket...