Hello lovely. I'm delighted you've decided to visit my website. My name is Sidsel (it rhymes with "thistle") and I'm a yoga teacher who's recently moved back to Copenhagen after almost eight years in Melbourne. My signature style is inspired by traditional Indian Yoga, the three dimensional fluidity of Calligraphy Yoga, and functional movement.  

I use essential oils to support myself physically and emotionally, nurturing my skin, flavouring food, focusing my mind and keeping my home chemical free. For me, essential oils are Yoga in a bottle. Practicing, teaching, and basically all things Yoga, connects me to my heart, mind and soul, making me Fierce with Love.

I am an entrepreneur, creating a business around the Young Living products and building a dream team of business leaders dedicated to sharing and inspiring others to create a life of wellness, purpose and abundance.

My independent Young Living distributor number is: 1352529.

I'd love to share all things Yoga, oils and Fierce With Love with you, whether that's over a cup of tea and some oils, at one of my classes or my free yoga videos. Please get in touchsubscribe to my blog or come to a class! See you soon. Namaste.

A little more about me and my Yoga

My experience with Yoga really took hold in 2001, enrolling in a weekly Ashtanga Vinyasa yoga class, which quickly inspired me to a daily home practice. In the years that followed, I expanded my horizon, exploring many other types of yoga, which I combine in my practice and teaching. My style is inspired by traditional Indian Hatha Yoga, the fluid three dimensional movement of Calligraphy Yoga and functional movement.

Ongoing training plays an important part in furthering my practice and understanding of Yoga. Beyond my initial qualification, I have completed two other teacher trainings, a 150 hour Post Graduate teacher training as well as attended many workshops with internationally recognised teachers. And I continue to study anatomy and physiology, allowing me to better apply the traditional Eastern practices to Western bodies. 

Having worked for years in the Advertising industry in a past lifetime, I appreciate that taking part in modern life is fast paced. I also recognise that in order to keep up, it is vital to slow down, reconnect and recharge. In my classes, I will encourage you to set everything else aside and focus on your Self, inside and out. Look forward to combining physical postures and fluid, slow flows that will build awareness for the breath, mind and physical body.

“Home is where the heart is” and I indeed consider Yoga to be a homecoming. With Yoga in my life, I feel comfortable being myself and truly connected to my heart. By teaching Yoga I have the pleasure of sharing this awesome feeling and helping others find their way home to their hearts too.

xx Sidsel