Hello lovely. I'm delighted you've decided to visit my website. My name is Sidsel (it rhymes with "thistle") and I'm a yoga teacher who's recently moved back to Copenhagen after more than seven years in Melbourne. My signature style is a slow flow vinyasa, combining creative fluid sequencing and functional body movement, exploring strength and mobility, energy and stillness.   

I use Young Living essential oils in my life on and off the yoga mat. In my practice and classes to facilitate a deeper experience of connection, and in my everyday to support my emotional wellbeing, optimal physical health, and keep my home chemical free. Because of their purity, potency and efficacy, I truly consider the Young Living oils to be Yoga in a bottle.

Practicing, teaching, and basically all things Yoga, connects me to my heart, the meeting point of mind and body, making me Fierce with Love.

I'd love to share all things Yoga, oils and Fierce With Love with you, whether that's over a cup of tea and some oils, at one of my classes or my free yoga videos. Please get in touchsubscribe to my blog or come to a class! See you soon. Namaste.

A little more about me and my Yoga

I am certified Vinyasa yoga teacher from Melbourne, Australia, bringing more than 700 hours of teacher training with me back to Denmark.  My experience with Yoga took hold in 2001, enrolling in a weekly Ashtanga Vinyasa yoga class, which quickly inspired me to a daily home practice. In the years that followed, I expanded my horizon, exploring many other types of yoga, which I combine in my practice and teaching.

With a further 200 hours of studies within scientific and research based Yoga-related anatomy and physiology, I bring a comprehensive understanding of the physical body to my classes, ensuring each class accommodates each students' physical capabilities while still creating a mindful and meditative experience.  

Having worked in the Advertising industry, I appreciate that taking part in modern life is fast paced. I also recognise that in order to keep up, it is vital to slow down, reconnect and recharge. In my classes, I will encourage you to set everything else aside and focus on your Self, inside and out. You will be asked how you are feeling, where you are feeling it, and how it makes you feel.

"Home is where the heart is" and for me, yoga is indeed a homecoming. I believe the heart is the meeting point of body and mind. Moving my body mindfully, getting reacquainted with all of its inner spaces, connecting with breath, finding my way back into balance. This connects me to my heart. This brings me home. And this is the experience I wish to share with others when they practice with me.

xx Sidsel

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I am also network marketing professional, creating a business around the Young Living products and building a dream team of business leaders dedicated to sharing and inspiring others to create a life of wellness, purpose and abundance.

My independent Young Living distributor number is: 1352529.

Please get in touch if you have any questions.